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Events and News

  • Sefer Yehoshua

    Join Elchonon Cohen for an incredible class on Navi - Sefer Yehoshua.  Sunday Mornings at 9:45 AM in the Seminar Room. Live streamed on Facebook!

  • Date Night

    Date Night The Community Shul's monthly young couple's Date Night is happening! Join us at the Milky Way for a night of fun, food, and…

  • Women’s Explanatory Services

    WOMEN’S EXPLANATORY SERVICE Led by female leaders in the community, this special women’s explanatory service takes place EVERY OTHER WEEK from 10:15-11 am.  

More Events

Weekly Davening Times

7:42 pm Candle Lighting
6:15 pm Mincha/Maariv (ONE MINYAN THROUGH SUMMER)
Toras Chaim —Michael Abramson
8:30 pm Krias Shema (earliest)

8:45 am Shacharis (inside TCS)
9:30 am Krias Shema —(latest time)
9:30 am Krias HaTorah—Elchonon Cohen
9:30 am Teen Minyan—”Pesukei D’zimra”
One minute Mitzvah—’Mitzvos of Eretz Yisroel’—Michael Abramson
10:00 am Teen Minyan—Krias Hatorah—Aryeh Klempner
10:30 am Dvar Torah—’He loves me, He loves me not’—Elchonon Cohen
11:00 am Kiddush
11:30 am Shiur—‘A Marriage Made in Heaven‘—R‘ Cohen
11:30 am Mesillas Yesharim —Michael Abramson
11:30 am “Kiruv Q & A”—Michael Abramson
6:45 pm Pirkei Avos—Howard Witkin
7:30 pm Mincha
8:00 pm Seudah Shlishis—Howard Witkin
8:40 pm Maariv (TCS and Zoom)


 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Experience, For Every Jewish Boy & Girl

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