The Community Shul is a mainstream shul of Ba’alei Teshuva families who continue to grow and to give back what was given to them. We seek to incorporate Torah into our daily lives and strengthen the bonds between our families and the Jewish people as a whole.

Moshe and Judith Cohen, Rabbi and Rebbetzin

Rabbi Moshe Cohen is the founding Rabbi of the Aish Los Angeles Community Shul. Rabbi Cohen grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland (famous for its riots and as the home of the Bushmills distillery), before he, his wife, and a few bottles were transplanted into Pico-Robertson.


He graduated with an honors law degree from Queen’s University, Belfast in 1977 and mysteriously disappeared to Eretz Yisroel (Israel) for ten years, during which time he married Judith, originally from Basel, Switzerland, and had two children, who both now live on the east coast.


After receiving semichos from Rav Mordechai Eliyahu (former Chief Rabbi of Eretz Yisroel), Rav Kolitz (former Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim), and Rav Kopshitz (Tchibin), Rabbi Cohen moved to LA, guided by Rav Noach Weinberg and Rav Yaakov Weinberg, and built this shul and this community, and raised four more children.


Judith is an RN and currently works for the Jewish Family Services, not to mention checking all of the neighborhood ears and throats.

Miryum Schoen, Director

Miryum Schoen, daughter of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Cohen, grew up wandering the halls of The Community Shul and has never left. In 2016, she joined our administrative team as Coordinator and then quickly assumed the role of Shul Director. Now her responsibilities include the administration of programs, special events and fundraisers, shul operations, grants, budget management, accounting, graphic design and marketing. Whew!

She and her husband, Yehuda Schoen are also currently spearheading our newest outreach initiative, Connections, a collaborative program which works to connect unaffiliated young professionals to their Jewish roots and to our Jewish Community. Together they host classes, one-on-one learning sessions, Friday night Shabbat dinners, and a multitude of other events. They also meet with students individually, mentoring and guiding them to a more meaningful Jewish life.

Brian Ross, President Prime Minister

Brian Ross was born in Newfoundland, Canada, and was raised there, in England, and in Nova Scotia. As a television writer/producer, Brian has worked for all the major US networks as well as cable, first-run syndication, and feature films. Holding graduate degrees in both English Literature and Screenwriting, Brian is also the co-author of the popular children’s book Vigfus the Viking. An active member of our shul since its inception more than 36 years ago, Brian is committed to furthering the shul’s mission and looks forward to the ongoing journey. It took Brian only three children, one wife, and one badgering Irish rabbi to become President of The Community Shul in 2021.

Jonah Light, Vice President

Jonah and his wife Stacey have been part of our shul community for over 20 years. Jonah is passionate about building our community and spreading Torah, and has been doing so as Vice President since 2011. Over the years, Jonah has taught marriage classes for men and hosted fun “Learners Kabbalat Shabbat Services” for singles. A 3rd generation Angeleno and graduate of UC Santa Barbara and Pasadena’s Art Center of Design, Jonah is an advertising and event photographer. Stacey Light, LCSW, is a high school Guidance Counselor and has a private psychotherapy practice, as well as her most important job: raising four sons, with the two oldest running the TCS “Teen Minyan” and following in their father’s leadership footsteps.

Shul Committee


Ben Elterman

Yehuda Schoen

Shabbos Engagement Coordinator

Ilana Tatarsky

Education Team

Michael Abramson 

Avraham Gordon 

Ben Elterman

Programming Team

Cassie Funk 

Yehuda Schoen 

Miryum Schoen  

Jonah Light 

Rbtzn Yehudit Cohen

Chessed Team

Lilian Russak 

Evey Leibow

To host or be placed for a Shabbos meal, please contact ilana.tatarsky@gmail.com