Unique. Authentic. Unforgettable.



  • Six 1-hour Sunday sessions (11 am – noon), led by dynamic speakers.
  • No Temple Membership required.
  • An affordable special experience for the entire family.
  • Refreshments provided.
  • A unique opportunity for teens to meet other teens!


  • After the 6 sessions, mark this milestone at The Community Shul.
  • Sunday ceremony and service for family/friends.
  • Abbreviated & authentic service conducted by Rabbis.
  • Private tutoring available including help preparing a speech.

If you want to know more or sign up for our next series, please contact:

Debbie Hirschmann

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program Director



Our experience with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Experience was extraordinary. We were having a hard time finding a temple that our son’s were comfortable with until we found this amazing program that allowed us to provide our kids with a meaningful ceremony to symbolize their “reaching adulthood.” I cannot say enough great things about this program. We attended all the sessions and enjoyed every minute of them. The speakers and teachers were fantastic and really kept the boys and girls interested. It was really like hiding the vegetables in the food….they didn’t realize how much they were learning while listening to and interacting with these fascinating people. Our older son has now completed his Bar Mitzvah and we are now getting ready for our second son to have his. We couldn’t have done it without The Community Shul/Bar Mitzvah Experience and their commitment to the kids. Some people cannot afford to join a Temple and some kids cannot stay focused in the long-term classes that are usually required to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I highly recommend this Bar Mitzvah Experience to anyone!
Ami Curtis
"I found out about the program by doing an online search. I was searching for "bar mitzvah for unaffiliated children". The Community Shul's program stood out because it offered the traditional approach to Judaism which was exactly what I was looking for. Another important factor was the cost. This program was free! That made a huge difference for my family because unfortunately preparing a child for Bar Mitzvah can get prohibitively expensive. In fact, some of our friends choose to not celebrate the Bar/Bat Mitzvah of their children because of the associated costs. Finances aside though, my family has been very happy with the program. First of all, both my son and myself got to attend the classes and we both enjoyed each class. The classes were both very educational and entertaining at the same time. They made my son more proud of his heritage and I believe they inspired him to learn more about Judaism. In fact, when a new Jewish club has opened up at his public school he was one of the first kids to join. I am extremely grateful to The Community Shul for providing such a valuable resource for the community."
Anya Vaysman